Documentary Student Mentors

Documentary Student Mentors

Do you want to help kids learn about climate science through film making? Do you want to gain mentoring experience?

Become an LOCC Mentor!

The Lens on Climate Change (LOCC) engages middle and high school students in film production documenting the effects of climatic and environmental changes on their lives and in their communities. Students are paired with science graduate students, film students and undergraduate student mentors to research, film, edit, and ultimately screen their films. The collaboration with mentors will also provide the middle and high school students with an introduction to college life and science careers.

Summer program 2017

June 13-17th at CU Boulder
June 19-23rd at CU Boulder
July 11-15 in Salida, Colorado

School Year program 2017 – 2018 mentors recruitment will begin in August of 2017

Types of LOCC Mentors:

Science Mentors  (University of Colorado Graduate Students)

The science mentor helps students to identify and research potential topics for their films. Science mentors help students to identify appropriate sources for information and to consider various perspectives on the issue. Science mentors can also help students to access resources at CU such as labs, equipment or experts to support the students’ research.

Film Mentors  (Colorado Film School Students)

The film mentors help students to develop their scientific idea into a compelling film. Film mentors help students to develop the story around their topic and convey their message in a visually engaging way.  The film mentor is also responsible for the film equipment and teaching the students the technical aspects of film production.


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