Film Crew for 2017 Denver Comic Con

Film Crew for 2017 Denver Comic Con

We are a Denver-based video game news outlet looking for a volunteer film
crew to assist our team at this year’s Denver Comic Con 2017 from June 30
to July 2.

We are looking for a 2-person crew to provide video/audio recording and
editing to include B-roll, on-screen interviews, film panels and other
projects TBD.

The position would be unpaid, but 2 volunteers would get 3-day Press
Badges for the weekend and access to the show floor before the public
arrives. Great experience for a film student interested in live
journalistic work.

Lots of walking and long hours. We would be happy to provide any letter of
completion for school experience. Prefer film student to bring Pro or
Pro-sumer equipment to include camera, boom mic, lights, laptop for
editing and incidentals like tripods, cables etc.

Students would be assisting 8-12 hours each day for the 3-day event. Must
be available Friday June 30 from 9am to 7pm, Saturday July 1 from 9am to
7pm and Sunday July 2 from 9am to 6pm. Students are required to provide
their own transport and tote their equipment. We will provide one meal per

We have covered many events in video games including GDC and E3, and this
would be a great opportunity for students to network, work under a
deadline and edit video on the fly. (Press WiFi is provided) Could turn
into part-time work in the future as we expand and grow our team.

Please Forward this to the appropriate staff. Interested parties Please
reply to this email. Questions welcome!

Tech Writer, J. Todd

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