Soultainment Studios Positions Available

Soultainment Studios Positions Available

Soultainment Studios is recruiting Script Writers, Online Marketers, Directors, Graphic Designers, Post Editors, Cinematographers, Web Designers, Creative Writers, Music Composers



Do you want to be free from being an employee, a.k.a. an indentured servant?

Do you want to use your gifts and talents to build something you own?

Do you want to be a part of something that impacts the world?

Do you want to be a part of a family-like community?

Do you want to be happy and enjoy life?


The Opportunity

The internet has forever changed the face of media content and distribution. Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Sling, Apple, Hulu, Pure Flix are fiercely competing for exclusive, original content to attract and retain new subscribers. There hasn’t been a greater opportunity for an independent studio to deliver content than ever before.  In the past, big television networks controlled the market, not anymore. Soultainment Studio is creating the world’s first ever employee-owned production company to continually and constantly produce original, quality content.


The Millennials

Millennials have become the largest percentage of employees in the workforce. More than a paycheck, they yearn for purpose and belonging. They push for changes in the workplace and how they live. Traditional, top-down structured corporations can’t offer what they’re seeking. Millennials chose to share over owning. They prefer to cohabitate than purchase a home. They chose purpose over profits. They’re filled with passion and entrepreneurship spirit. They want to impact the world. Soultainment Studios fulfills their needs.


The Solution

Millennials resist companies where employees do all the work while a few at the top become wealthy. Where executives put profits before employees. Where employees have no say in the company’s future. We’re creating a community-based production company that drives creativity, community and great content. Soultainment Studios will be the world’s first ever employee-owned(ESOP) production company. In an ESOP, employees own the company and share the profits. ESOPs have been around since 1956 and employ 11 million people. An award-winning film was done on ESOPs called, “We The Owners”.


The Advantage

First. ESOPs are more profitable than their competitors. Publix is an ESOP that is seven times more profitable than Walmart. Second. Soultainment Studios has secured rights to hundreds of amazing ideas. Recently, a Hollywood expert confirmed that several Soultainment Studio projects are $100 million dollar blockbusters. Third. ESOPs enjoy higher employee engagement, innovation, and retention. Fourth. Employees at employe-owned companies are happier, more creative, earn more money, and create stronger social communities.


The Future

We’re currently recruiting talented and creative people who want to work at a company they own and who want to impact the world. Go to www.soultainmentstudios.com to find out more.

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