Bring your vision To life

The Colorado Film School is the path to putting your dream on the big screen.  Here are just a few reasons why CFS is the smart choice to make:

  • We are an internationally recognized school that has been ranked as one of the top film schools in the nation.
  • Our instructors are professionals with real-world film industry experience who are invested in giving you the knowledge you need to succeed.
  • Our Equipment and Facilities are updated regularly with state of the art industry standard software, cameras, and lighting equipment.
  • We offer the highest value film school experience in the world – without breaking the bank: Tuition costs are less than $6000 per year for in-state residents.
  • Our curricula is hands-on, offering a practical education that mirrors real-world film sets.  Students have access to equipment and engage in the filmmaking process during the first semester of the program.

Quality Stories told Safely

Our students’ films consistently earn awards at film festivals, both domestic and abroad, including being nominated for BAFTA and Academy Awards in the student category. A diverse faculty of former and working film industry professionals grant their students insight into the current landscape of movie making and offer connections to build working relationships with other professionals in the film community before students have completed the program.  Students are required to go through a rigorous process before and during filming which requires them to:

  • Write quality scripts with multiple rounds of feedback and revisions.
  • Plan sensible schedules, arrange locations, and request the equipment they need to film efficiently and safely.
  • Develop rigorous safety plans and obtain approval from their instructors and the director prior to filming.
  • Follow through on the established safety plan and address any concerns that arise before or during filming to ensure that everyone involved is as safe as possible.

We are Committed to Inclusive Excellence

We strive to create an inclusive, respectful, and positive climate at the Colorado Film School.  Media has a huge impact on the way people view themselves and each other, and we believe our students have the power to be a force for positive change in the world.  Everyone has the right to be heard and treated with respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender and sexual identity, age, socioeconomic status, religion, physical ability, neurodiversity, or any other similarity or difference, whether visible or invisible.  In pursuit of the goal to ensure everyone has a voice and the respect they deserve, we continue to re-examine our practices for ways we can improve.  Some examples of what we have implemented so far:

  • Added an Ethnic Studies course to our required general education credits to help students become better storytellers by better understanding the perspective of others.
  • Revamped our first year Film Core classes to include a Pre-Production course for all students with culturally-competent script writing as one of its outcomes.
  • Revamped the curriculum for our Development of Film Expression class (required for all students as part of the Film Core) to include a selection of films that have more representation for marginalized groups.
  • Added three new elective survey courses to our offerings, which examine films made by and about traditionally marginalized groups: Women in Film, The Hollywood Shuffle: Black Cinema, and LGBTQ+ Voices and Representation in Film.
  • Founded a student community group led by and for students of color.
  • Created two new scholarships: Women in Film, and Marginalized Filmmakers open to students identifying in those groups.
  • Welcomed the college’s LGBTQIA+ Task Force to use the CFS Building as a hub for its events.
  • Ongoing efforts to match the demographics of our staff and faculty more closely with the demographics of our student body.
  • Created and continue to create spaces where students of marginalized populations can express concerns and suggestions safely.