Fall applications open August 1 (year prior) to July 1. Spring applications open August 1 (year prior) to November 30.


  • Fall

    Priority: February 15  –  Notification: April 1

    Late: July 1  –  Notification: Rolling

  • Spring

    Priority: October 15  –  Notification: November 1

    Late: November 30  –  Notification: Rolling

Application Deadlines – all required materials must be received

*Priority: February 15; Notification: April 1
**Late: July 1; Notification: Rolling until filled

*Priority: October 15; Notification: November 1
**Late: November 30; Notification: Rolling until filled

All international students are subject to the same admissions application deadlines above. Prior to applying for the Colorado Film School, they must work with the International Student Advisor at Community College of Aurora (CCA) to complete necessary paperwork, testing, and fee requirements and be admitted into CCA. Visit: CCAurora.edu/students/international-students.

*Priority Submissions
Submit by the priority deadline to receive full consideration and a guaranteed date of notification. Another benefit of applying early means you are able to meet with an advisor and plan your schedule in time for the opening of registration. Classes fill quickly. Once admitted, seats are first-come, first-served.

**Late Submissions
Applications submitted after the priority deadline are considered late submissions which will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis in the order that they were considered complete as time and space permits. Students should be prepared to re-apply for a later semester if no acceptance is given by one month prior to the beginning of the semester.

Number of seats available varies each term but typically the maximum accepted are 160 in Fall and 75 in Spring.

Notification about the status of your application will be sent by the dates above to the email address provided in your CFS Supplemental Application.
• If accepted into one of the CFS programs, applicants MUST confirm with the CFS Admissions Office their intention to attend the Colorado Film School by completing and submitting the requested forms. Submit by the listed date on their email acceptance letter or else they may forfeit their place and admission will be granted to a new applicant.
• Applicants who do not meet admissions criteria may still enroll in the Community College of Aurora. A student who was not accepted into the CFS program will be provided with a recommended progression of CCA general education courses, as determined by their academic standing. After passing the recommended courses as prescribed, the student may reapply for admission.

Admissions Criteria

Acceptance into the Colorado Film School (CFS) is determined through evaluation by a committee of CFS Faculty and Administrative Staff using the following criteria:

A. Successful completion of the Community College of Aurora Admission Application

B. Successful completion of the Colorado Film School Supplemental Application

C. A written essay of 200-400 words composed with proper English, spelling, and grammar that clearly answers the question

D. Recommendation (2): One Academic; One Personal

These must be completed online. We will not accept letters outside of the application. Your recommenders must not be related to you.

An academic letter of recommendation is requested to learn about your academic strengths, abilities, and college-readiness. Please note: If no academic reference can be reached, we will accept a professional work reference in their place; however, the admissions evaluation committee reserves the right to evaluate such substitutions with higher scrutiny. Your academic reference should not be a relative of yours except under rare and necessary circumstances, with supporting documentation, under which will receive higher scrutiny during evaluation.

A personal letter of recommendation is requested to learn about your personal strengths, character, and college-readiness. Please note: your personal reference cannot be a relative. If it is determined that your reference is related to you, this is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal.

E. Snapshot questions

F. Academic Work

You must, at minimum, be considered college ready in order to qualify for admission into any Colorado Film School program of study. College ready is defined by meeting necessary testing or transfer requirements to be eligible to enter without condition English 121 AND Math 120.

I. Official Transcripts. High school students with no prior college experience or less than 30 attempted college credits must submit current official high school transcripts and/or High School Equivalency Diploma; students with any prior college experience must submit official transcripts from all prior colleges attended. Upload unofficial copies to your application to expedite the review of your application.

II. If applicable, cumulative GPA at most recent educational institution, evaluated in conjunction with the above components.

III. Submission of test scores taken within the last five years. All relevant scores and credentials must be reported on your CFS Supplemental Application. All reported scores and credentials must be verified with supporting documentation.

All new students must meet CCA Assessment Requirements which can be met in one of the following ways:

a. Evidence of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree or higher

b. Evidence of a C or higher in prior College Level English and Math courses (Please note that English courses taken outside the United States do not meet the Assessment or Transfer guidelines)

c. Qualifying ACT or SAT scores that are less than 5 years old:

ACT English 18+; Reading 17+; Math 19+

(During or before February 2016) SAT Verbal/Critical reading 430+; Math 460+

(On or after-March 2016) SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 470+; Math 500+

d. Qualifying Accuplacer scores that are less than 5 years old:

Elementary Algebra 60+; Sentence Skills 95+;

Reading Comprehension 80+

e. English speaking ability is also required. If English is not your native language,you may be required to take the LOEP exam

f. ACT, SAT and Accuplacer scores will be used to determine placement in both college-level and Academic Enrichment courses as appropriate. Please see the current class schedule for placement and prerequisite requirements.

g. CollegeBoard Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses may count for college credit. Please submit official scores from www.CollegeBoard.org for AP course credit and your IB Diploma to CFS Admissions.

NOTE: Other tests may be considered such as CCPT, TASC, GED, and HiSET as well as certain developmental education coursework. Contact an advisor for details: 303.340.7093

For lost or misplaced IB Diploma, visit Contact The IB for instructions to request a replacement.

All degree or certificate-seeking students must meet Assessment Requirements. All students seeking to register for a course with prerequisites must meet Assessment Requirements (regardless of degree/certificate status). All students under the age of 20 must meet Assessment Requirements (regardless of degree/certificate status).

Admission to the college does not assure acceptance of a student into a particular course or program. Some students may need to enroll in certain courses to compensate for scholastic deficiencies or to meet established prerequisites. The college reserves the right to review and revoke the enrollment of any person who appears to be unable to profit from further education, as well as of those persons whose enrollment would not be beneficial to them or to the college and in accordance with Board Policy BP 4-10. Students who enroll in an occupational program, who are veterans, who receive financial aid, or who are on F-1 or M-1 student visa status must declare their degree or certificate program at the time of registration. Any changes in the declared degree or certificate must be recorded with the Admissions, Registration and Records office, and if the student is a financial aid recipient, with the Financial Aid office. All students admitted into a Colorado Film School degree or certificate program who desire to change their declared program must go through the CFS department.

The Community College of Aurora does not require physical examinations as a condition for admission. Students who have a disability or who otherwise have special needs are encouraged to contact the Accessibility office located in the Learning Resource Center, CentreTech Campus, Student Centre Building, Room S202, 303-361-7395 (V/TDD). This office provides academic support and accommodations to students with documented disabilities at no cost.

What You Need

What you will need to complete this application:

• Community College of Aurora Student ID Number – found on your confirmation page after completing your CCA Admission Application.

• Know the semester you wish to be considered for admission. You may need to choose an alternate term for CCA’s online application (choose the closest available to your desired start term) but be sure to select your actual desired start term for the CFS Supplement online.

• Your education history including test scores and cumulative GPA.

Have evidence of meeting CFS’s English and Math proficiency requirements. Contact an advisor for assistance: 303.340.7093

• Your employment history including contact information.

• Be prepared to write an essay in 200-400 words.

• Have the name, title, and email address of a person from whom you want to request a letter of recommendation that is an academic professional and knows your work and character from an academic stand point. A professional reference may be used instead of academic if you have been out of school for several years.

• Have the name, title, and email address of a person from whom you want to request a letter of recommendation that knows you on a personal level who can attest to your character and values from a personal standpoint. This person may NOT be a relative.

• Have access to PDF copies of all your academic credentials, which will need to be uploaded within your CFS Supplemental Application.

• HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS: High school students with no prior college experience or less than 30 attempted college credits must submit OFFICIAL copies of their current High School Transcripts (in progress is OK). To expedite the review of your application, also upload a PDF copy of their unofficial high school transcripts to your CFS Supplement. Send official copies to:

ATTN: CFS Admissions
9075 East Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230

• COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS: Students with prior college experience must submit OFFICIAL copies of each prior college attended. To expedite the review of your application, also upload a PDF copy of their unofficial college transcripts of all prior colleges. Students with college credits from the Community College of Aurora, do NOT submit an official copy. Unofficial will suffice. Access your unofficial transcripts on MyCCA → Student (tab) → My Student Stuff (portal) → My Grades and Transcripts (drop-down) → Unofficial Transcripts. Print the transcript to PDF so you may upload with your application. Note: to apply college credits to their degree, students may request a Transfer Credit Evaluation after they have been admitted into the program and have registered in classes at which time they will be required to submit official transcripts to the CCA Credentials Evaluator. Send official copies to:

ATTN: CFS Admissions
9075 East Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230

Or by email to: records@ccaurora.edu

• ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSEWORK: Students who have completed Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses must upload a PDF copy of their unofficial CollegeBoard Exam/IB Certificate.

Note: CollegeBoard exam scores may be used to meet college-ready standards only if you have completed Advanced Placement courses and passed a CollegeBoard exam with a “3” or higher in: English Language and Composition, for the English requirement; or college level math, for the math requirement. Students who wish to use AP or IB college credit towards their degree must also submit official copies of their exam/certificate documents by mail to:

ATTN: CFS Admissions
9075 East Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230

• TESTING SCORES: Students who have taken ACT, SAT, CCPT, TASC, HiSET, GED, or Accuplacer tests in the last five years must upload unofficial PDF copies of these scores. Note: some scores may appear on high school transcripts.

• Google Chrome web browser is recommended for completion of the CFS Supplement. Download Google Chrome here.