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Cam Op / Script Sup at Deck Nine Games

Cam Op / Script Sup at Deck Nine Games


DECK NINE GAMES has an opportunity for day players interested in the video game industry! We are in need of SCRIPT SUPERVISORS and CAMERA OPERATORS during motion capture shoots. Both positions will be paid $60 for a half day of work (5 hours), $120 for a full day (10 hours). Responsibilities for each position are as follows:

o To operate our cameras that capture reference footage of our motion capture shoots. Includes monitoring battery swaps and camera logs for circle takes.
o Camera used is the Canon XA15, operated on our tripod dollies for basic movement.
o This footage both allows our director to watch the talent’s performances via his director’s monitor and provide reference footage for our animation team.
o In-between set-ups (the mocap equivalent to a “shot”), cam ops will assist with basic grip work to help arrange the new set-up.
o Skills required: Basic video camera skills. Smooth pan, tilt, zoom, and control over framing a shot.

o To track the accuracy of dialogue between the talent’s performed lines and the written lines in the script.
o To document any inconsistencies and line changes in our line tracking document (Excel doc).
o Skills required: Excel, attention to detail, quick WPM, multitasking.

Motion capture shoots take place in our studio in Westminster and typically run between 8am and 7pm during weekdays. Expectation is one shoot per week into 2020, but schedule varies. Day players do not need to provide equipment for either position. Deck Nine Games will provide all equipment. We cannot provide details of the project until the hired personnel have undergone training and signed an NDA. All information they receive regarding this gig and project will fall under said NDA and will NOT be discussed with anyone outside of Deck Nine. Hired personnel will receive a credit for their work.


For interested parties, please contact our Assistant Director at ccantin<at>deckninegames.com


Event Expiration Date: 05-09-2019

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