CFS Facilities

Fall 2020 Facilities Access Update:

The building will be closed until the second week of classes. Access will be granted by appointment only beginning August 31.

Free WiFi is available from the CFS parking lot at any time, no password.

From August 31 through December 14, the building will remain locked and a CFS Staff member will monitor the doors to admit students by appointment between business hours.

Fall 2020 Business hours are Monday through Thursday only from 9am-5pm. The building will be sanitized on Fridays and will remain closed through the weekend.

Reservations, face masks and possibly gloves will be required to access the CFS building. Strict social distancing protocols are required. More details coming soon and supplies provided for students at entrance.

All computer stations are spaced 6′ apart minimum and there will be arrows indicating which direction to navigate the building. Certain areas will be closed off.

Rooms 126, Writing Room 129 (unless needed in conjunction with the audio suite 147), Bungalow, Prod I Room 133, Conference Room 142, Fish Bowl Room 151, and Screening Room 111 will NOT be available.

Computer stations will be made available as follows:

Beginning Lab 134 – 4 stations
Intermediate Lab 135 – 6 stations
Advanced Lab 136 – 8 stations
Edit Suite 143 – 1 station
Edit Suite 144 – 1 station
Audio Suite 147 – 5 stations
CFS Studio 121 – 9 stations (NO EDITSHARE)
Open Lab 152 – 1 station
CFS Lobby – 5 stations (NO EDITSHARE)


Workshops (optional) for hands-on equipment courses will be booked in the CFS Studio’s Black Box by instructor.