Collaboration for Documentary

Collaboration for Documentary

Hi creative minds,

I am a French photographer/filmmaker and just moved to Denver. I did a short documentary in Bali about plastic pollution couple months ago. I am starting the post production of it and I am looking for a collaboration. I am looking for an editor, colorist, sound engineer, to work with me. I am also still in the hunt for voice over and original soundtracks…I was wondering if this could be interesting for you. As I did this all project by myself I need to step forward and have some new blood seeing, thinking, discuss on potential new angle/vision.

Here is an overview of my project:

The plastic pollution as we all know is getting critical all around the world… So I decided to cover that up in a short documentary. Why Bali?? As a small island it’s a perfect example to show how a waste system can or can’t work for various reasons… Lack of infrastructure, education and corruption there is big…

I filmed the current situation. A waste system that almost doesn’t exist without even talking about recycling. Less than half of the waste is collected to end up in illegal landfields (often rivers) or few « legal » ones that are unsafe for humans and for the environment. The population have for habit to burn their waste at the end of the day. The waste that are not collected are just throwing around in the nature and then end up in the ocean.

I found great initiatives/actions that has been taken to reduce the plastic matter. From independent/NGO/associations and business. I’m trying to reunite everyone on a optimistic point of view.

I have some great footages. The potential for this documentary is huge!!!

When the documentary will be finished I will first go thru documentary festivals, then I’ll submit it to VOD platforms such as amazon prime, Itunes, HBO, Netflix.

Here is my website

Charles Scarcériaux



Event Expiration Date: 2018-12-31

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