Composer / Film Scorer

Composer / Film Scorer

Greetings Film Students!

I’m Bryant Walker: Proprietor, Composer, Producer and Musician at Owl Roost Productions out of Denver, Colorado. With live music gigs obviously drying up over the last year, I took the opportunity to nurture a burgeoning passion of mine which is composing music for media – mostly podcasts. As you can see if you peruse my website (www.owlroostproductions.com) , I’ve had the opportunity to work on the podcasts and projects of a couple pretty well established Hollywood folk (Jay Hunter, Director: Kitchen Nightmares, Superstore, American Ninja Warrior, Superstore, etc.) and Sasha Feiler (writer: Robot Chicken) amongst other people. I’m writing mostly because I’m interested in building up my portfolio and scoring short films or really any multi-media projects that could use music. If you were to check out the Kosomodrome Podcast on my website, you’d definitely find a lot of cinematic soundscapes. And like I said, I’m currently wishing to build a portfolio so am willing at this time to work cheap or free on student projects. If you could pass my info and intent into the proper channels it would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Stay Healthy!

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures:
This kind of collaboration can be done strictly over the web if need be.

Bryant Walker (www.owlroostproductions.com)



Event Expiration Date: 2022-01-01

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