Documentary Filmmaker Wanted

Documentary Filmmaker Wanted

Subject: Documentary Short to tell the story of Suburban Poverty in Douglas County, the 4th wealthiest counties in America

Judah Musick


A group of business leaders in Douglas County would like to create a documentary film to tell the untold and silent story of suburban poverty in our community.

In 2018, Douglas County was ranked as the 4th wealthiest counties in America.

In fact, it is the ONLY county in the top 10 list that is not on the East Coast. https://bit.ly/2JDy0lC

And yet, there are currently over 45,000 families in Douglas, Arapahoe and Elbert counties alone that don’t earn enough to cover their bare minimum expenses and who are living in poverty and facing food insecurity. https://bit.ly/2ybFQgK

8,144 (12%) of our kids in Douglas County School District are struggling with hunger and are currently eligible for Free or Reduced Lunches. https://bit.ly/2JLJmjj

These families are forced to make monthly spending cuts that eliminate a basic necessity despite the fact that unemployment is below 4% for the first time in almost 20 years.

What’s even more concerning is that the majority of poverty is now in the suburbs. Suburban poverty is the fastest growing problem in America, it’s often hidden in plain sight, not discussed, without a solution and growing by 10% each year!

These are hard working American Families. They may own a home and a car and be above the poverty line. Yet, they face routine food insecurity without a viable solution. They don’t qualify for Government assistance programs and their dignity and pride often prevents them from utilizing local food banks.

We have to ask ourselves, how is this even possible?

To understand, we have to look at the existing model that is attempting to solve the problem. And when you look closely you will see that the current model, what we will call the “Agency Model” has fundamental challenges built into it that will prevent total hunger elimination no matter how much food is donated.

Let me explain.

The Agency Model is what we have today where various “Agencies” such as the Government, Non-Profits, NGO’s, Food Banks, Churches etc. have established programs to feed those in need.

It’s based on a “Hub and Spoke” distribution system, where food gets donated to a “Hub”… the Food Bank, and then distributed to the spokes, the local food pantries, shelters, Churches, etc. and this is where the people from the community are able to receive the food.

This is where the limitation comes in. You see, there is a large percentage of the total hungry population who refuses to participate in the Hub and Spoke model simply based on negative social pressures associated with the process. In other words, they have too much “Dignity” to show up and receive the help. They don’t like admitting failure, they don’t like asking for help, they don’t like receiving handouts, etc

As a result. A large percentage of the total needs never gets met.
And we never get to Zero Hunger.

We have to look at the problem from a different lens… one that attempts to solve the problem but with a “Dignity Mindset” that would allow 100% of those in need to participate.

We will call this the “Community Model”. It’s a new model in which every single person in the community (Individuals, Families, Businesses and Community Organizations such as Churches and Schools) have a role to play in solving for their own communities greatest needs. In other words, helping their neighbors.
It’s a model that completely eliminates the negative social pressures by meeting the needs of the community anonymously and directly.

This creates in a dignity mindset in which the recipient feels comfortable participating and results in the ability to help 100% of those in need and actually be able to realize Zero Hunger.

The Opportunity that we have before us is to combine both models, the Agency Model that is doing great work for those willing to participate, and the Community Model for the rest of those in need.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about the project.



Judah Musick




Event Expiration Date: 2019-06-07

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