Drone Videographer/Editor for Rafting Videos

Drone Videographer/Editor for Rafting Videos

ProSelfies’ goal is to provide 30-60 second videos of every rafting trip that passes our position(s), on Clear Creek, near Idaho Springs. We will be combining footage from a static camera with that of two drones, adding some b-roll, a watermark and a soundtrack, then posting it online for sale to our rafting customers.

At peak times, several boats may be closely following each other, requiring multiple pilots to capture each boat individually and editors to assemble the final version and add a soundtrack. On the busiest days, more than 200 rafts will make the decent between Idaho Springs and Golden.

These independent contractor positions have the potential to last up to three months, or as long as Clear Creek has enough water to be safely rafted. Pilot and editors will be paid $25 for each video that is sold. It is expected that on busy days each pilot or editor will earn in excess of $500 (on 20 video sales). Rafting videos will be available for free preview and for purchase by anyone through the proselfies.com website. Videos will also be pre-sold through various rafting outfitters.

I need several people right away, so if you’re interested, please call/text me (Matt) directly at 720-381-1443. Thanks!



Event Expiration Date: 2019-09-01

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