Editing Student Wanted

Editing Student Wanted


I have been shooting videos for the past year that I want to edit and post on Youtube. Some are adventure/travel. Some are construction DIY “How to” videos. I am looking for a student/professional to teach me how to use Adobe Premiere Pro on my Mac and if experienced show me some filming techniques. I have a Canon EOS 80D that I shoot on and my editing software is on a Mac. I do have basic knowledge/experience on iMovie and basic knowledge of how to use my camera. I am looking for someone to help me put it all together while teaching me. I live at I-25 and University near the D.U. Campus. I can pay $25.00 an hour CASH and each session would be a 3 hour minimum. If you are not really good at using Adobe Premiere Pro and can teach me then please do not send your information.

The first video I am looking to edit is a “How to install a thin brick wall”. In my video I educate and entertain. The picture for this ad is one way that I show how to cut brick with the Karate Kid chop.

The video is one my wife Melissa and I made a few years ago on iMovie for our Amazing Race Audition.

Please email me some info on yourself, qualifications and a video or two of some of your filming/editing work.

My email is denvercor<at>yahoo.com

I am available during the day and evenings. Ready to start this project immediately. This might be a one-time gig or more. I do this for fun so if you aren’t a fun, happy and creative person this probably isn’t for you.

Ben Cordes



Event Expiration Date: 2019-07-01

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