Editor/Videographer Position

Editor/Videographer Position

Production of quality clips and videos; includes camera work, lighting, microphone, sound effects, and editing. Ongoing employment as needed. About 20 videos a year.

Rate per session: $50 per video for videos less than 15 minutes. $5 per minute for videos longer than 15 minutes. Maximum $100 for videos up to one hour.

LOCATION: Most videos will be shot at 1109 Portland Place in Boulder, CO. Occasional videos may be recorded outside at parks, etc.

Videographer must have own equipment: lights, two cameras, microphone. Teleprompter would be useful but not required. In exceptional cases, equipment rentals may be provided. This position is an opportunity to perfect already established skills. Employee will be supervised by Charley Cropley, a local Naturopathic Doctor. For more information about Charley as well as the type of videos produced please visit www.charleycropley.com

If interested please contact Ivy at assistant<at>charleycropley.com



Event Expiration Date: 2020-05-01

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