Editor Wanted

Editor Wanted

Event Type: Unpaid Opportunity

Event Title: FREEEEDOM

Event Description:
We are collaborating with PBS in Colorado to address the Black maternal and infant mortality rate. Colorado is in a birthing crisis when it comes to Black births. They are 4x’s more likely to die in childbirth or within the 1st year. This project is through the lens of my life as a Black single mother of 4 children & birth activist.

I am a doula & Family Advocacy consultant. My expertise and business are centered around normalizing the conversation about the crisis. In addition the project charges community advocates to advocate for solutions within the hospital, home birth, or birth center experience.

The project is a 4 series work. Each episode addresses a theme from the 4 Es; evolution, emancipation, expression and empowerment.

I am completing my preproduction phase. The rest of our interviews are scheduled. I am looking for an editor that shares similar passions. I would preferably like to work with a Black and/or woman.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures
I have footage and can deliver it safely.




Event Expiration Date: 2021-02-01

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