Film Composer Collaboration Project

Film Composer Collaboration Project

Composer Lefteris Ioannou is in the process of creating a unique and concept driven project which will comprise of a number of 5 of compositions that are meant to be accompanied by visual media. He is currently searching for a creative and somewhat experimental videographer artist to collaborate with and bring the project to life.
The 1st track of the project has already been released and is called “In a tight room”:


The next piece of the project that needs picture to it is 6 minutes long and starts minimal with some acoustic & electronic elements and ends up big and orchestral.
The ones chosen will be contacted by Lefteris so you could meet, talk and be briefed about the project and see if you could be a possible collaborative match.

If interested, please send a piece of your work that you are proud of, and that depicts your creativity to lefterisioannoumusic<at>gmail.com

Applying candidates are expected to be/have:
Good communication skills
Good understanding of conceptual art
A good collaborator able to serve the project concept and its intent
Passion for what they do
Able to deliver on agreed deadline at a professional level

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to him via email or visit his website for more information:

Lefteris is also offering his film scoring services to any students or alumni of the CFS who are working on projects and would like to collaborate.
Please feel free to pass around his contact info!



Event Expiration Date: 2019-12-15

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