Hal Cannon/Folklorist Interview

Hal Cannon/Folklorist Interview

I am working on a documentary about the Western Jubilee Recording Studio in Colorado Springs:

I need to do a short interview with Hal Cannon who is a folklorist specializing in cowboy poetry and music. He will be in the  Denver area  in March. I am in California until mid-April and won’t be able to meet up with Hal. That’s why I need someone else to interview him on film.

I was wondering if one of CFS’s students would be interested in a job. I can’t pay much (as usual the budget is small) but he or she would get credit on the film along with a small stipend for their time. I just need Hal to answer a few questions about cowboy music.

I imagine it would take one to two hours at most. I’ll supply the questions of course and set up the interview (time, place etc.). Colin and I are planning on a 10-12 minute film. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting, we just need this interview to add to the mix.

Thanks for your help with this. Donna

Donna Guthrie

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