Institutional Research Job

Institutional Research Job

Institutional Research is preparing to survey CCA graduates who received a certificate or a degree in 2015-2016.  We are surveying students by phone January to March. We are looking for students who would be willing to work calling graduates and asking them to complete the survey.

We will pay $12.00/hour.  The job description is as follows:

  • Calling Monday-Thursday, usually between the hours of 5-8 pmfor the Month of January, February and March
  • We would have some day time or Saturday morning hours available for follow-up for those we could not reach in the evenings
  • The students work 6 to 9 hours per week.
  • The students speak to graduates on the phone and enter responses in a survey monkey form
  • The job is temporary and ends when the phone calling is done, so we may or may not need callers the entire period
  • We may also have some work for them stuffing envelopes for a paper follow-up to the survey
  • Callers need to be available for 2 hours sometime before January 23 for training; the first night of working will also be part of the training

The student does not need prior training but the following traits will be helpful:

  • Can be easily understood on the phone
  • Enjoys talking to people
  • Resilient (people sometimes are rude or hang up)
  • Mature with a good work ethic
  • Able to follow a script while still being aware of the caller’s mood and adapting accordingly

Students who are interested can contact me by phone (303-360-4737), by e-mail (Hyekyung.Lee<at>CCAurora) or can drop by my office (Student Building on the CentreTech Campus, S205B).

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