International Students Step by Step Admissions Guide

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The Colorado Film School warmly welcomes aspiring filmmakers from all countries.
Imagine living and learning close to the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains at a college that gives you the skills you need to succeed. CCA is a state-sponsored community college offering the first two years of college and university education as well as vocational and technical programs. CCA is approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
CCA is conveniently located in Aurora, Colorado, a thriving community east of metropolitan Denver. The college’s campus is located 20 minutes from Denver International Airport and major Colorado attractions are just a short drive away. Colorado is home to some of the world’s best outdoor activities, including skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking.

CCAAdmissions Application


Acquire a student identification number, commonly referred to as an “S” number, as provided by CCA (example: S01234567).


  • Complete the Community College of Aurora Admissions online application and follow all instructions. Staff is available in the CCA Enrollment Services and Lowry Student Services Offices to help you through the application. Contact: (303) 340-7508 or email internationaladvisor@ccaurora.edu with questions.
  • You must declare your degree as “Associate of General Studies” on the CCA Application. If accepted, we will initiate steps to update your declaration to the degree or certificate approved on your acceptance notification from the Colorado Film School.

CCA Application


  • You will receive your CCA Student ID Number from the International Student Advisor once all International Student requirements are met. You will need your “S” number during the completion of STEP THREE: the Colorado Film School Supplement.
  • You will receive an acceptance letter from the Community College of Aurora sent to your home address within two weeks following completion of your application and all International Student requirements. This does NOT automatically grant admission into Colorado Film School. Please note: once you have your CCA Student ID Number you may proceed with applying to Colorado Film School.



Submit Official Transcripts from all prior education institutions. Also acquire the necessary academic credentials in PDF format. These serve two purposes: to support the credentials listed on your CFS Supplement; to demonstrate that you meet college-readiness standards including being eligible to enter without condition ENG 121 (Composition I) and eligible to enter without condition MAT 120 (college level math).
Meeting college-ready standards may be met in one of the following ways:

  • Prior college credit from a regionally accredited institution;
  • Prior AA or AS or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution;
  • Passing ACT/SAT/CCPT/TASC/HiSET/GED/Accuplacer scores;
  • Passing AP Exam scores in Math and/or English Language and Composition (not Literature);
  • CLEP;
  • International Baccalaureate Certificate or passing exam scores of the equivalent of College Level Math and College Level English.

Please note: Passing TOEFL or IELTS test scores may be used for conditional acceptance consideration. Call for details: (303) 340-7321.

Please see an international student advisor to determine if your credentials meet our requirements.


Send OFFICIAL copies directly to CFS Admissions. To expedite the admissions review process, also have PDF copies available for each of your academic credentials. These will need to be uploaded within your CFS Supplemental Application.

  • HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS: High school students with no prior college experience must submit an Official copy of their most current High school transcript. To expedite review of their application, they should also upload a PDF copy of their unofficial high school transcripts. If you are applying for admission while you are still enrolled in high school, you will be required to submit a high school transcript showing all currently completed courses to be evaluated, then if accepted into the program, you will be required to submit an updated official transcript showing date of graduation
  • COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS: Send OFFICIAL Transcripts from all prior colleges attended. If you have prior college credit you are classified as a Transfer student. For foreign transcripts, they must at least be translated into English and show letter grades or numeric grades where a percentage can easily be identified. To consider having foreign credits transferred or if the grading system is other than what is mentioned above, they must be evaluated by an approved evaluation body listed on NACES.org to determine equivalency to United States Department of Education standards, then sent as Official Evaluated Transcripts to CFS Admissions.
  • ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSEWORK: Students who have completed Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses must upload a PDF copy of their unofficial CollegeBoard Exam/IB Certificate. Please note: CollegeBoard exam scores may be used to meet college-ready standards only if you have completed Advanced Placement courses and passed a CollegeBoard exam with a “3” or higher in: English Language and Composition, for the English requirement; or college level math with a score of “4” or higher for the math requirement. Students who wish to use AP or IB college credit towards their degree must also submit official copies of their exam/certificate documents by mail.

Submit all Official Documents to:
ATTN: CFS Admissions

9075 East Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230

  • TESTING SCORES: Students who have taken ACT, SAT, CCPT, TASC, HiSET, GED, TOEFL, IELTS, or Accuplacer tests in the last five years must upload unofficial PDF copies of these scores. Note: these scores may appear on some high school transcripts.

If you are currently enrolled in a course that will serve as the only remaining means to meet our college-ready entry requirements, please call (303) 340-7321 for further instruction. We may require additional documentation before your application may be evaluated.

All new students are required to provide evidence of their starting levels in English, Reading, and Math. Students can provide ACT, SAT, or prior college transcripts for placement. If ACT, SAT, or transcripts are not available, students will take either the Accuplacer or LOEP Assessment at CCA. The free tests take from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Please Note: Because students can take the Assessment Test only twice in 3 years (first time free with admissions application; second time $5.00 per section), they are strongly encouraged to take the practice tests, use study guides available online, and attend free Pre-Assessment Workshops for review prior to testing. (Check with Enrollment Services for a list of dates and times).

Please click the button below to view full details of testing sites and hours at CCA.
CCA Testing Info

You may not have to take the assessment if you:

  • Have copies of the required ACT/SAT scores taken within the past 5 years with appropriate minimum scores.
  • Have documentation to show that you have earned an Associate of Arts or Science Degree or higher—or that you have taken previous English or Math courses with a grade of “C” or higher. (Either case must be from a Regionally Accredited Institution).

All students under age 20 must take the complete assessment test (Math, English & Reading), or provide appropriate ACT/SAT scores, or prior college transcripts.

If your assessment tests and program of study require you to take developmental classes, you should complete these courses within your first 30 hours of enrollment at the Colorado Community College institution or other regionally accredited institution of your choice. These courses provide the foundation for success in all your coursework at CCA.


  • Preferred, but not required: Have your transcript evaluated by NACES as soon as possible. This would be preferably completed by your arrival in the United States. You may complete this while working on STEP 1.


Verify receipt of all applicable test scores and transcripts.

CFSSupplemental Application



Colorado Film School Supplement

Complete the application online.

Follow up with your recommenders – let them know that Colorado Film School will be emailing them a link to a questionnaire with the option to upload a form letter.


You must demonstrate meeting all CFS admission standards. Click here to review.

Applications received by their posted deadline will receive a response by the turnaround notification date that correlates to the term in which you are applying.

General Information

This information must match the information you supplied with your application to the Community College of Aurora (CCA). You will need your CCA Student Identification Number (S#). Must start with capital “S” and be a total of 9 characters where the S is followed by 8 numerical digits. This is from your Community College of Aurora Admissions Application Confirmation.

Please make sure your email address is typed accurately as this is how we will contact you regarding your admissions application status once your application has been submitted.

Academic Intent

Please choose the term in which you intend to take film classes. Applications cannot be deferred to a future term.

Choose only one degree program and one emphasis for your application. Once admitted, you will have the opportunity to change your major, if necessary, while completing your core classes. If you choose to add another program, such as an additional certificate or emphasis, we can assist you in this process at registration.

Please be aware that students receiving financial aid are only eligible to receive financial aid for one degree program per school. Completing more than one degree or certificate may result in the financial aid student paying out of pocket for one or more semesters towards the end of their program.

Previous Education

All prior education entered in this supplement requires supporting documentation. Please be prepared to upload the correlating transcripts/scores for each.

Please ensure that all transcripts and scores are legible, have your name visible on the document, and that you type the name of each school as it appears on the correlating transcript.


We are interested in learning about your work experience, especially as it relates to the film industry. Please note: we do not require prior film industry experience.


These questions have no right or wrong answers.


Answer the essay prompt listed in the space provided within your application. This should be 200-400 words with a character limit of 2,000. Your essay must be written with proper English, spelling, and grammar that clearly answers the question.

Additional Information (optional)

This section gives you the option to explain any deficiencies as well as share your achievements and samples of your work. This is not required. Items in this section shall not waive any college-ready requirements.

Recommendations (2)

  • One Academic Letter of Recommendation
An academic letter of recommendation is requested to learn about your academic strengths, abilities, and college-readiness. Please note: If no academic reference can be reached, we will accept a professional work reference in their place; however, the admissions evaluation committee reserves the right to evaluate such substitutions with higher scrutiny. Your academic reference should not be a relative of yours except under very rare and necessary circumstances, with supporting documentation, under which will review higher scrutiny during evaluation.
  • One Personal Letter of Recommendation
A personal letter of recommendation is requested to learn about your personal strengths, character, and college-readiness. Please note: your personal reference must not be a relative. If it is determined that your reference is related to you, this is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal.

Letters of Recommendation must be completed and submitted by the academic professional and non-relative. No copies will be accepted from the applicant.

Students will not be permitted to view submitted letters of recommendation after they are received.

Instructions for Students to Request Recommendations

Prior to submitting request, contact your academic reference and personal (non-relative) reference you are asking to complete recommendation forms.

  • Ask each person for their professional email address.
  • Use the fields within the application to enter their information.
  • When you submit your application, a request for letters of recommendation to the names entered above will be emailed and they will receive link to a questionnaire where they will answer questions relating to your academic achievements, coursework, and character.

Online Acknowledgements & Signature

Digitally sign and submit your CFS Supplement online.

The date in which the last of all required documents has been received is the date we consider your application complete. If your application and/or materials are received after the posted deadline for your intended term, your application will be considered late, which means there are no guarantees of a review, seating, or notification. Late applications are reviewed after the posted LATE deadline on a seats available basis.

All admission materials from STEP 1, STEP 2, and STEP 3 including letters of recommendation must be successfully completed and received before the committee will begin evaluation.

Applications received by their posted deadline will receive a response by the turnaround notification date that correlates to the term in which you are applying.


Ensure all required documentation has been received and English and Math requirements met.

International Student Information

According to Federal Law, the college may enroll nonimmigrant alien students, also referred to as international (F1) students. To better assist its international student population, CCA has established the International Student’s office which is located in the Advising Center, room A102.


  • Fall

    Priority: February 15  –  Notification: April 1

    Late: July 1  –  Notification: Rolling

  • Spring

    Priority: October 15  –  Notification: November 1

    Late: November 30  –  Notification: Rolling