Kalu Yala Media Lab

Kalu Yala Media Lab

A filmmaking-based media lab in the jungle! This 10 week program educates and supports development of up-and-coming film and media professionals. Project-based workshops will get you developing core media skills, while simultaneously building your portfolio with unique stories in a beautiful jungle setting. Student interns will write/produce/direct/edit multiple cutting-edge projects that bring light to issues that will help us live more conscientiously together as humans and with the environment.

The program will also include guest speakers and workshops from professionals in a variety of disciplines, including a Masterclass conducted by two time Sundance award winning documentary filmmaker, Ondi Timoner.

Dates – January 23rd through March 31st

Tuition – $5,745 (Room and Board included)

Financial aid may be available.

To apply: https://kaluyala.com/apply-student/

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