Marketing/Promotions Design Assistant

Marketing/Promotions Design Assistant

Contact: interns<at>brianhewlett.com

Internship Details:

1. What You Will Learn

These internship positions will provide substantial experience in the brand development of three sister companies and in the design and creation of materials to be used in the marketing of those companies and their associated projects. Brand materials and content that interns will assist in the design and creation of may include but will not be limited to logos, slogans, relative artwork used in posters, flyers, handouts, audio visual product packaging and social media. Designers will work heavily on creating materials that express company and project goals and objectives but also assist in gaining customers. Interns will also gain an understanding of the current marketing and social media landscapes, fund acquisition and management relative to marketing and social media campaigns, event planning and management via marketing and social media, audience market analysis, social media network facilitation, fellow artist network facilitation, marketing campaign execution, line-item budgeting and conceptualizing social media design related to online campaigns in addition to gaining valuable experience working with a community organization establishing itself in the Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota business markets.

Each intern will be encouraged to take a leadership role in spearheading a portion of the project or a task set related to the project to which they are assigned within the company operations, depending on one’s experience and hours of availability.

2. Your Responsibilities

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
• Establishing a strong working knowledge and practical understanding of product brand development
• Researching, planning and implementing branding strategies related to material and content being designed
• Use different typography, composition, color and visual identity to design and create branding materials and content to be used in marketing campaigns related to companies and associated projects
• Work with other marketing staff to implement brand strategies in marketing campaigns
• Tailor branding design to social media and other promotional campaigns
• Assist with the planning and implementation of social media campaigns for crowd funding projects associated with company projects

3. Your Qualifications

The following is a list of qualities that are preferred in any persons filling Intern positions:

• Prefer Sophomore or Junior, but will consider other class levels
• Pursuing AA/AS/BA/BS in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Organizational Management, Business, Communications, Television/Film/Audio Production, Media Arts, General Arts, General Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, or other Social Science field
• An interest in The Arts, Social Problems, Public Policy, Community Building, Cooperative Enterprise, various music genres, and helping others
• Prefer GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Excellent written, oral, and communication/presentation skills along with the ability to translate and follow instructions
• Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and/or other art & design software suites
• Willingness to try new and unconventional things



Event Expiration Date: 2019-02-15

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