Marketing/Testimonial Video Job

Marketing/Testimonial Video Job

Event Type: Paid Job

Event Title: Video Production Team Job Details Edit

About this Job

We are looking for a person or team to produce a short marketing and testimonial piece for our company. This would involve planning, filming, and editing a two-to-three minute video. We expect filming to be on location at a home in either Aspen or Vail, and to include product and lifestyle shots as well as interview clips with our CEO and customer. We are offering $2,000 for the complete video project.

About Altitude Control Technologies

Altitude Control Technologies’ engineers invented the very first oxygen-controlled altitude simulation system in 1995. Since then, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our products are used in military, scientific, and medical applications around the world. One of our newest innovations serves homeowners living at high elevation. Six to eight hours of oxygen at night is enough to restore the body’s oxygen saturation to normal levels and interrupt the cycle of hypoxia (low oxygen) that causes the headaches, insonmia, and fatigue of chronic mountain sickness. Our system quietly and unobtrusively oxygnates bedrooms to simulate lower altitude. It is as though each night homeowners are able to return to sea level to sleep, waking refreshed and ready to enjoy their mountain homes.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures:
Employees will be required to wear masks and will limit contact. Most of the work will be done away from other people. When shooting the video a distance of 6 feet will be enforced.

Name: Virginia Bowers
Email: virginia@altitudect.com



Event Expiration Date: 2021-04-01

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