NALIP Media Summit

NALIP Media Summit

We invite filmmaking students to apply for an exclusive opportunity to attend NALIP’s Emerging Content Creator’s Workshop, part of our 19th annual Media Summit. Our event is the largest convergence of Latinx creators working in the feature film, television, documentary, and digital spaces. Held in the heart of Hollywood, we will celebrate the fusion of storytelling, technology, and media championing Latinx talent.

To apply, send a resume and a creative sample to mediasummit@nalip.org. Applications DUE June 19th!

NALIP is a non-profit that aims to amplify Latinx content creators and connect them to resources, information, and experts that address challenges and media strategies faced within the industry. The Media Summit fosters community among film students, recent graduates, and young creators through solidarity and a shared purpose to forge their own path within the industry, changing the larger narrative and encouraging more Latinx creators to pursue a career in entertainment.

Our Los Angeles location ideal for students pursuing internships and networking within the entertainment industry. Attendees will choose a focus track and are invited to participate in a workshop, which consists of a panel with working professionals discussing their experiences and transition in the industry, followed by a group breakout session with mentors for more personalized mentoring.

The Emerging Content Creators workshop takes place on Thursday, June 21st from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. Participants will then be given an itinerary for the rest of the four day summit, which will direct them to panels held by industry professionals and exclusive screenings showcasing this year in Latinx media. As part of the scholarship pass they must be completely available from June 21-24, 2018 to attend the summit.

We also offer volunteering opportunities for the summit. Please email a resume and a message in the body of the email expressing interest to troy@nalip.org.


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