New Consumer Product – Short Clip Videos

New Consumer Product – Short Clip Videos

Event Type: Paid Job

Event Title: New Consumer Product – Short Clip Videos

Event Description:
New consumer durable (meaning not food, beverage or apparel) product that will be available starting Q1 2021. The product is for outdoor living and used in conjunction with barbecue grills. There are three products as part of the family.

Video clips will focus on (in my words):
a. Product Glamour Video: this is studio video panning the surface and edges of the product to showcase: 1) precision in how made (detail), 2) the beauty of the quality material used in manufacturing (aluminum), and the features of the product.

b. In Use. Video showing the product in its use. The use will include use of hands and lower arms.

Envision the clips (post edit) to be 7-10 seconds to as long as 20 seconds.

Videos use will be for product website, sales presentations, use on e-commerce platforms as a sales tool, and public relations + speaking introductions.

Project will start in late August or early September. Post video work will be with and without music overlay (TBD), possible fade in/out of some product features (text) + logo use. Video is important so “a picture says a thousand words” is applicable and do not want voice overlay.


Name: David Kearsley

Email: dkearsley@kaseworks.net


Event Expiration Date: 2020-09-01

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