CFS Open Auditions

Due to COVID-19 Delta Variant prevalence in our region, we are going to run this event virtually via Zoom this Fall 2021. Registration is now open!

The Colorado Film School periodically holds open auditions. These are normally held in-person in the Colorado Film School building; however, due to the prevalence of COVID-19 Delta Variant in our area, we are hosting Open Auditions online this semester via Zoom app. Actors will receive a Zoom link during registration. Actors willing to work on student projects are welcome to attend. Register and attend online to show us what you’ve got!

SAFETY UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, we are going host this event ONLINE via Zoom this Fall 2021. For all face-to-face meetings, rehearsals, and during production, all actors, students and staff will be required to wear facial coverings while indoors. We will permit removal of the mask during performance, only, during camera roll.

These auditions are used to create a pool of talent that students may use to help cast their projects. Neither party should feel obligated to work with the other.

Open Auditions are not for any specific student project. These are 1-2 minute monologues recorded live and posted to FSGreenlight.com for student access only. At least one headshot is required. All monologues must be recorded during Open Auditions event. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept self-tapes.

In addition to CFS Open Auditions, individual student projects also hold casting calls to fill specific roles for their films on these dates. These “satellite” auditions are hosted the same day and often the same timeframe or shorter–we will provide the details on where to go for those when you complete your monologue for our database. If you are interested in participating, please be prepared to provide a headshot and resume electronically to the project’s casting directors.

Actors of all ages and levels are welcome. Student directors are looking for a wide variety of roles for upcoming projects and some roles may receive compensation.

To continue to be included in our database, please attend Open Auditions for each semester you wish to be considered.

SAG-AFTRA actors are encouraged to attend.

The next Open Auditions event is scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, September 17

    10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 18

    10 a.m.-2 p.m.

To audition, you must sign-up online.
Registration will open three weeks prior to the start date.
No walk-ins will be permitted. If all times are full, please notify Jennifer.Scott@ccaurora.edu. Please know that cancellations are common up to 30 minutes prior; we invite you to keep an eye for an opening in that case.
Highly recommended to log on 15+ minutes early. If you miss your time, join the Zoom as soon as you can before the event ends!


  • Prepared 1 to 2 minute monologue
  • Digital copy of headshot and resume (if not sent beforehand, details below)

Please send your most current headshot and resume to auditions@coloradofilmschool.co before your audition and have a digital copy available to send electronically when you login for your audition. Please name the files according to the following convention, substituting in your first and last name:

FirstNameLastNameResumeFA21 (must be .doc or .pdf)
FirstNameLastNameHeadshotFA21 (must be .png or .jpg or .jpeg)
i.e. JaneDoeHeadshotFA21.jpg

This information is needed for your profile. If you are unable to produce a headshot or resume, your profile may be incomplete in our database. If you already have a headshot and current resume in FS Greenlight, no need to send it again.

Follow us on our main Facebook page or our auditions Facebook Group, Galina’s Casting, for announcements as times are posted and available for each sign-up period. A link to sign up for auditions below will become active once registration opens.

Actors who auditioned within the last two years can login to their account to review their profile, update headshots and resume, and respond to student requests within our Headshot Database.

DISCLAIMER: Actor profiles will become unpublished after two years of inactivity. We encourage you to attend Open Auditions once a year if you would like to remain current and searchable in our database.

For booking issues, please email: auditions@coloradofilmschool.co.

Please feel free to give us a call at (303) 340-7321 with any questions.

Registration opens three weeks prior to the event on Friday, February 12th.

Headshot Database

The Colorado Film School has had the great fortune of auditioning local actors willing to work on student projects. Our database contains headshots, contact information, and footage from previous CFS Open Auditions.

New headshots and auditions footage will be available to view in 2 weeks following each CFS Open Audition.

Actors may sign up for audition times within three weeks prior to each Open Audition: mid-January-early-February for our Spring Open Auditions and mid-August-early-September for our Fall Open Auditions. Follow Galina’s Casting for announcements as times are posted and available for each sign-up period.

When available, please sign up for audition times using the button above. If you need an account with CFS, please attend our next Open Audition and an account will be created for you after your audition.

All current students should already have an account setup with their S# as their username.

All current actors who auditioned in Fall 2013 or later should already have an account setup with their username as their first and last name, i.e. JaneDoe. Actors may now login using their email address instead of assigned username.

Click here to access the database (opens a new window). You will need to log in to access the database. Click on “Request a Password” if you do not remember your password or if this is your first time logging in to the FS Greenlight Headshot Database.

For account issues, please email: webmaster@coloradofilmschool.co

Galina’s Casting

We encourage actors to join Galina’s Casting group on Facebook for additional acting opportunities in the community. This group was formed by CFS Assoc. Professor Galina Boulgakova to help nurture connections between actors and filmmakers in and around the Denver area. Since then it has gained nearly 10,000 members and continues to provide talent with opportunities in their area.

A note from Galina:

“I receive so many local casting notices that I created this page to help actors and filmmakers better communicate with one another. I invite all filmmakers, including CFS students, to post your auditions on this page so that our wonderful pool of local actors can see them. I hope everyone will find this page useful and I welcome any additional feedback on how to make this page more beneficial.
“During the Colorado Film School’s casting season, September – May, please only post casting calls and audition information.
“Please be respectful to other members of the group, people who are repeatedly disrespectful will be removed from the group and their posts will be deleted.”
Beyond being the Head of the Acting/Directing for the Screen program at CFS, Galina Boulgakova is also a published author (of Sanity in Acting) and has been featured in Variety magazine’s Entertainment Education Report. You can learn more about Galina here.