Moon’k Films Devoted Production Studio Internship Program 2023

Moon’k Films Devoted Production Studio Internship Program 2023 is now accepting applicants. We are comprised of a team of experts in both television and movie/film production and have worked on projects across the U.S. and internationally. We have received congressional awards and been featured in The Nation’s Capital business journal as one of the top 25 production companies. We have premiered several full-length feature films, documentaries, film shorts, and promotional visuals across the U.S. and received outstanding reviews for our cinematics, storylines, and presentation. We invite you to get a professional and personal experience working on professional productions via films, production set visits, cultural events, off-the-record conversations with current and former movie stars, and group dinners. You’ll also get suggestions and chances to explore the sights and sounds of Hollywood, allowing you not only to experience working in the city but encourages you to appreciate the experience of living in a diverse urban environment.

Trey Carswell

Click the link below for more info and how to apply.