Outdoor Filmmaking Opportunity

Outdoor Filmmaking Opportunity

D-Rock Training – Gary V Style Film – Prodigy Needed

Hi my name is Travis Hightower, I’ve lived in CO since 1991 and have sold real estate since college.

I’m finally at a place where I want to go ALL-IN on my PASSION….which isn’t selling real estate! Ha

Looking to hire someone to document this journey, and produce content of me exploiting my strengths in life — this will occur outdoors, with my friends, within my mastermind groups, in my entrepreneurial journey, etc. etc.

I love the Colorado lifestyle, specifically winter, And the parallel of downtown Denver life and our mountains.

My #1 superpower is creating harmony and synergies with people. Which allows them to look at their strengths.

This is most rewarding for me when adventure is the catalyst to that self discovery. The mountains teach us so much about life.

I’m NOT outspoken or super charismatic like Gary V. I have my own style that people are drawn towards once engaged.

This “job” isn’t for everyone. But the right person will LOVE IT and be a part of this journey.

MUST enjoy adventure and the Colorado outdoors.

MUST know how to film an edit. Mostly on the fly.

MUST be willing to speak you mind.

If you’re a GOOD skier or snowboarder that’s perfect.

Why this will succeed?

I’ve hired a team of virtual assistants to help me execute.

I’m 100% clear on my strengths and want to deliver them.

I love to snowboard — resort, backcountry, ALL of it.

I love Colorado — it’s me at my core.
I can F’in grind — work hard play hard.

What you will document? Me..

..on the grind. Making things happen. Using the nuggets.

..doing stuff w/ friends. Connecting and high level convos.

..doing what I love outdoors. (right now recovering from injury)

..being an entrepreneur. That up and down journey.

..engaged within my mastermind groups & the shared learning.

..not always making it all about me and seeking harmony w/ others.

Why I need help?

My strengths pull me away from execution and I need people to “just do it”. So I don’t overthink it. The things I’ve hired out I want to spend 20% of my time on. Keeping it high level and as authentic as possible. Making it sustainable based on my style.

If you’re passionate about this please contact me via email or phone:


303-829-7724 (text or call)

Here’s who I am:

Adventure Community I’m building:



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