Producer’s Advantage Programs

Producer’s Advantage Programs


My name is Robert Shuster and I am the owner of Producer’s Advantage, a supplier of audio visual, lighting & grip, television and production equipment. I wanted to let you know we have opened a new operation in Denver, and wanted to work with you on various projects as they may come up.

We are a small rental firm that generally does not rent to end-consumers directly. We do not provide labor services. Just pure rentals. We prefer to rent to students, schools and universities like yours.

To see what we have, a rate card and product list is available at ww.robhsr.wixsite.com/rsegear (bottom of page in the middle). As an educator, you will receive a 30% discount from the rate card, and we bill only a 2 day week (3 days bill 1 day).

I believe you will find our pricing is already well below market, and with the discount we set the best-price standard.

This discount program is available to staff and students.

There is a specific area in our BLOG section that discusses these and other educator offers specifically.

There are many situations where equipment is provided at no charge. New inventory comes in quite regularly so if you need something not listed, please email me at rentals<at>producersadvantage.org and see if we have it, or something similar that would do.

Thank you and look forward to working with you !!!

Robert Shuster, Owner, Producer’s Advantage Denver

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