R-U-A PRO Fitness LLC/Co-Owner/Videos

R-U-A PRO Fitness LLC/Co-Owner/Videos

My name is Rudy McClinon and I am a 64 year old master personal/group trainer who would like to produce a series of exercise videos for the senior population. One would be a sit and fit, aerobics and flexibility exercise video featuring a group from Zion Senior Center at 5151 E. 33rd Avenue Denver Colorado 80305 in Park Hill. The average age of the group is 85 years young and they are great.
Another video would be for hip and knee replacement recipients and I’ve had both of my hips replaced. And if possible a video for cancer patients /survivors. I am a cancer survivors and in great shape. You live long enough things happen.

Please visit our website at www.ruaprofitness.com to see our first videos’, “Let’s Get Moving” and “Life After Hip Replacement”, demo.

Our funds are limited but we would like to sell some videos with some funds donated to the Zion Senior Center and The American Cancer Society.

If you are interested please contact me at: ruaprofitness<at>gmail.com


Original Post Date: September 20, 2016

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