Shoot & Edit Promo/Sales Videos

Shoot & Edit Promo/Sales Videos


I am looking for a student to help assist me in creating a live fun energetic promotional video for a Personal Training Software. I am looking for a student to help film and integrate software screen shots to use for help selling my software to potential clients. Along with this I am creating a series of educational sales videos. The sales videos will be very simple and I only need help setting up my studio and educating myself on how to edit and create new and updating sales footage for clients. I have purchased a canon 80D along with an 18-55mm & 55-250mm lens, lights, green screen, mac computer, Benro S6 tri pod among other things.

I have not purchased an editing software as I am hoping the student can help assist in what platform they recommend.

This would be a non-paid or paid job. Whichever is better for the student. For more information please contact me at (303) 330-5919.

Looking forward to hearing back,

Thank you!

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