Student Resources

A check-list to prepare students for the upcoming semester including useful links for new and continuing students.

You’ve completed all your steps in your acceptance email except Film School Orientation. Now follow these steps:
  • Step One: Prepare for Orientation

  • Step Two: Join Orientation

i. Refer to the Zoom Protocols above.

ii. Please check your CCA Student Email via MyCCA for the Orientation Zoom Link – Main Event @ 9AM (TIP: Sign in 5-10 minutes early!)

iii. OPTIONAL! Attend the Tech Basics and Q&A Session @ 1PM – Please check your CCA Student Email for the Optional Zoom Link – Tech Basics and Q&A (TIP: Sign in 5-10 minutes early!)

If you are experiencing any trouble accessing Zoom event please call the CFS Technology, Systems and Space Integration Specialist, Jordan Meyersieck at (303) 340-7331

Scroll down to “Tutorial Videos” to refer to any videos shown during orientation

Here’s the presentation in case you wish to review after the fact or if you have trouble reading the text during the event.

  • Step Three: Check your D2L Email Messages

    Do this PRIOR to first day of class. You will find class instructions from your instructor(s). See Tutorial Video below.
  • Step Four: Read the CFS Resource Guide

    ☑️ Review the CFS Resource Guide.

    Become very familiar with all of the modules included. You will undoubtedly need to refer to this info throughout your academic career at CFS.

  • Step Five: Explore FS Greenlight

    Login and check out all the links and resources:
  • Step Six: Get Organized!

    You’re working remotely – find an electronic way to manage your notes, assignments, projects, and other files. Ideas might include:

    ✏️ Building a folder structure by class on your local computer or on an external hard drive (especially for production and editing classes, this may come in handy if your local computer does not have a lot of space. What’s a lot? 2TB or more)

    ✏️ Invest in a note-keeping application such as Microsoft OneNote or a web-based application such as Evernote or Google Docs (remember to stay organized by class so you can find these files later!)

  • Step Seven: Add Security and CFS Contacts to your Phone

    Refer to the CFS Quick Reference Sheet and/or the CFS Resource Guide Policy & Procedure module
  • Step Eight: Add Dates to Your Calendar

    ✏️ Add holidays and breaks

    ✏️ Once you have access to your classes on D2L, review syllabi and add deadlines for drop/withdrawal, assignments, and exams (TIP!! Set an auto-reminder a day or two ahead of time)

Tutorial Videos:

How To Access D2L

Learn how to access Desire2Learn the Colorado Film School & Community College of Aurora’s central hub for class syllabus and expectations, direct messaging to instructors and classmates, and other helpful resources for specific courses you are registered in. This is also where you can view your grades and standing within your courses.

How To Forward Your CCA Email Address

This video tutorial covers forwarding your CCA Email Address to your personal Email so that you never miss a communication.

How To Access FS Greenlight

This video tutorial covers logging in to FSGreenlight and resetting your password. FSGreenlight is where you will find the CFS Actor Database, Reserve Equipment, and find other resources accessible only to CFS Students.

Tour of CFS Building

Explore the important areas of CFS Facilities as learn protocols you’ll be expected to follow when utilizing the labs.

Building Access Request

For our Spring Semester 2021, the building will be accessible for those who will need access. The doors will remain locked but reservations can be made on a first come, first served basis. Please select the Building Access tab for building hours and more information. Please follow the link below for reserving space in one of our rooms/labs.

How To Submit A Request

Please review the following guide for Spring 2021 Equipment Cage basics and details.

Mandatory Set Safety & Culture Training

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters the Colorado Film School (CFS) holds a mandatory set safety and set culture training for incoming students. This is a chance for new students to learn everything they will need to know about set etiquette, set expectations, set safety, inclusivity, discrimination and harassment policies, on-location shoot procedures, and more. This training is mandatory to complete before students will be permitted to shoot.

Completion of this training is required. If you are unable to complete this training, you will need to withdraw for the semester and reapply for the following semester.
Note: New students in the Fall 2020 semester will be required to attend the Spring 2021 Set Safety & Culture Training (Friday, January 22 @ 12PM).

Due to the nature of the networking and training opportunities we are providing for the students, we request that only registered students attend this event; no guests. We hope this will be a fun and informative start to your film career.

  • Friday, January 22, 2021
  • Start Time: 12:00pm - Tentative End Time: 4:00pm (Stay tuned to your CCA Student Email for more details...)
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom Link (This link will be sent to you CCA Student Email.)
Below are some of the resources presented at Set Safety & Culture Training for reference:

New link for Report a Concern or Incident (formerly known as CARE Report)

Title 9 - Consent

Title 9 - No More PSA 'Anthem'

CFS GUIDE – A student resource for department policies & procedures.

A student accessible resource for News, Production Calendars, Project Resources, the CFS Headshot/Actor Database, and more…

Spring 2021 Facilities Access Update:

The building will be closed until the second week of classes. Access will be granted by appointment only beginning January 25.

Until Further notice, the CFS building will remain locked and closed to the general public. Students must request a reservation in advance to access the labs and must adhere to strict safety protocols. During scheduled appointment times, a CFS Staff member will monitor the doors to admit students by appointment between business hours. To be admitted entry into the school, the student MUST arrive at the time of their appointment and present their CCA Student ID or Government-issued photo ID and wear a personal protective facial covering.

Free WiFi is available from the CFS parking lot at any time, no password.

Spring 2021 Business hours are as follows:
Mondays – 9am-5pm
Tuesdays – 9am-5pm
Wednesdays – 9am-5pm
Thursdays – 9am-5pm

If these posted times don’t work for you please submit your request for consideration to Assistant Director Jim Tharp by email (at least) a few days in advance: James.Tharp@ccaurora.edu
Please Note: A request does not include a guarantee.

The building will be sanitized on Fridays and will remain closed through the weekend.

Reservations, face masks, and photo ID are required to access the CFS building. Strict social distancing protocols are required.

Traditional room reservations are suspended for Spring 2021 until further notice. All students will only be allowed to reserve workstations for individual use.

All computer stations are spaced 6′ apart minimum and there will be arrows indicating which direction to navigate the building. Certain areas will be closed off.

Rooms 126, Writing Room 129 (unless needed in conjunction with the audio suite 147), Bungalow, Prod I Room 133, Conference Room 142, Fish Bowl Room 151, and Screening Room 111 will NOT be available.

Computer stations will be made available as follows:

Beginning Lab 134 – 4 stations
Intermediate Lab 135 – 6 stations
Advanced Lab 136 – 8 stations
Edit Suite 143 – 1 station
Edit Suite 144 – 1 station
Audio Suite 147 – 5 stations
CFS Studio 121 – 7 stations (NO EDITSHARE)
Open Lab 152 – 1 station
CFS Lobby – 5 stations (NO EDITSHARE)


Still need to get vaccinated?

Governor Polis announced earlier this week that three vaccination sites no longer require appointments. You can simply walk in, or drive through, and get your shot.

The three sites are:

  • Colorado State Fairgrounds: Pueblo County, Friday-Monday, 9AM – 5PM
  • The Ranch Events Complex: Larimer County, Monday-Saturday, 10AM – 6PM
  • Ball Arena: Denver County, Monday-Friday, 9AM – 7PM
ALL Colorado residents age 16 and up are eligible to receive the vaccine. But where and how do you get one??? Click the button below for a resource to help you locate a vaccination site and schedule an appointment (currently, three vaccination sites do not require an appointment!). The vaccine is FREE to everyone, regardless of your insurance status.

Check out Discord!

Join the CFS Discord server to chat with friends, instructors, and other folks from CFS. There are many channels to explore, including one where you can ask Brian Steward, the director of the Colorado Film School, questions, or just chat with him. There is also a channel for Fade In, the school’s screenwriting club (although it is open to all students!) Check it out using the links below. The first two are invites to the Discord server, and Fade In, respectively. The last will link you to Brian Steward’s channel.

CCA Foundation Scholarship Open

You only need to fill out one application to be considered for ALL CCA Foundation Scholarships. Apply today!

Advising Update

Creative Industries Advisor Angela Tancik is currently on maternity leave. At this time, Academic Advising option is not available in Navigate Appointments. To schedule an advising appointment email Creative Industries Advisor Stephanie Lee with three available times and she’ll schedule you manually or call (303) 360-4929 and ask to schedule an appointment with Stephanie Lee. Stephanie’s email is Stephanie.Lee@ccaurora.edu.

New FS Greenlight Tools!

CCA recently removed the Look Up Classes function of the Student Dashboard on MyCCA in favor of Navigate for looking up and register for classes. Prerequisites are not so easy to find in Navigate so we’ve added a links leading directly FVM Prerequisites as well our FVM Recommended Progression catalog (year 2021-2022, effective Summer 2021) to the Quick Links section of FS Greenlight, located at the bottom left of the landing page.

Production Update

Hi CFS Nation,
If you’re in a production class, by now your instructors have probably talked to you about the possibility of returning to group filming. I’m happy to say that beginning this weekend, instructors will begin to allow small groups to work together under the attached COVID-19 safety guidelines. I didn’t take this decision lightly, and tried to base it on consultations with local health officials and former CDC public health experts. The key factors in this decision:
Should these metrics change, we will adjust our plans accordingly.
I would also like to stress that no student will be required to participate in group work this semester. If you are not comfortable, please let your instructor know and they will provide alternative assignments.
Every student participating in group work MUST use PPE and follow the guidelines. Students who do not follow the guidelines and expose themselves and others to dangerous conditions will be immediately restricted from filming. CFS has purchased PPE and will distribute from the Cage at the time of your equipment order.
All students will be required to complete production reports for each day of filming. Check with instructors for details, but production reports should contain and list of all cast and crew. This will be crucial information should exposure to the virus occur and contact tracing become necessary.
This is an exciting step to begin our transition to normalcy over the next few months. Please be diligent about your safety and mindful of keeping others safe. If we, as a school, can be successful in this first attempt at collaboration during COVID-19, we will continue to expand face to face opportunities as conditions allow.
Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.
All the best,
Brian Steward

Refer a Concern or Incident at CCA

CCA has a new page for addressing any concerns that its current students might have, including reporting CARE (Mental Health/Behavior), Student Needing Assistance, FYI or Human Resource/Personnel issues or concerns, Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Discrimination, Civil Rights or Retaliation, and Student Complaints. Click the link below for more information.

“Get on Set” Contact Form

Who’s this for?

  • Any student taking one of these classes in Spring 2021 planning to get on set either during Spring or Summer 2021…
  • FVM 220 16mm/HD Production AND seeking to fill skilled crew positions OR
  • FVM 270 Film/Video Production III AND seeking to fill skilled crew positions OR
  • FVM 200 Video Production II AND wish to solicit Cinematographers from 16mm OR
  • FVM 204 Art Direction (you need to pair with either a 16mm or Production III project as art department)

Why share contact info?

  • Not every student uses Facebook. This is the quickest way to share contact info (share only @student.cccs.edu addresses!) between students taking these courses next Spring 2021.
  • FVM 220 and 270 require scripts and above the line crew pairings prior to semester start – this is on you to reach out using this contact form to prepare for Spring.

Do Your Part to Keep Everyone Safe

If you are:

  • Positive for COVID-19
  • Experiencing infectious disease symptoms
  • Being tested for COVID-19
  • Self-quarantining at the direction of a medical professional
  • Knowingly exposed to someone who is displaying symptoms, being tested, or positive for COVID-19

Fill out the report form! Reporting promptly and properly helps keep everyone safe and healthy and ensures that we are able to keep things open and working for you. Please also stay home and do not come to campus or interact with others if any of the above conditions are true. Make sure to take care of yourself and do you part to stop the spread!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

CCA Tutoring Services

Need some extra help with your classes? Check out the Tutoring Services page using the above button! Tutoring is available for a variety of subjects, including Math, Writing, ESL, Spanish, and Accounting.

SNAP Opportunities for Eligible Students

The Community College of Aurora has partnered with the Colorado Department of Human Services to provide support resources and services to SNAP/Food Stamps recipients attending college.

If you are currently receiving SNAP or enrolled in the SNAP Education and Training program, please click on the Enroll Now button below!