The Extraordinary Story of Oliver Wyght (2017)

by Rico Hernandez

movie poster: The extraordinary story of oliver wyght. a film by rico hernandez

For years, OLIVER WYGHT has been curious about what lies within the doors of his father's office. His parents, BRUCE WYGHT and LARA WYGHT have made strong efforts to keep him out. One night he decides to sneak in, discovering his father's passion for writing comic books and children's stories. Bruce catches him and introduces him to the extraordinary world of superheroes, for it was only Lara who wanted to hide it. Oliver's newfound passion leads him to compare the comic book world with his own life, leaving him in a pit of insignificance and boredom. One night, he makes a wish upon a star: that one day, he'll have an extraordinary life--just like the superheroes. Bruce met his wife, Lara, when she was a receptionist at "Eisner Publishing". Despite his success as a children's author, he decided to follow his life-long passion of making comic books. This led to him being a shut-in; working in his basement, spending years of hair-yanking time attempting to create unique, fresh concepts. He lives off Lara's support; she loves him despite his refusal to move on and find a new career. The last thing she wants is for Oliver to turn out like him; a starving artist living off the earnings of his spouse. Eventually Bruce becomes diagnosed with lung cancer, and as Lara fights the financial battle, she begins to fall apart. After seeing Oliver's newborn passion for comics, Bruce decides to make him his very own; appropriately titled, "The Extraordinary Story of Oliver Wyght." It's a race against time for him to finish it, counting down the days and pills before he breathes his last breath. Fall 2017 Student Show Awards: Best Picture Best Art Direction Best Directing Best Production II Audience Choice