Talk Show Personality Needed

Talk Show Personality Needed

Event Type: Unpaid Opportunity

Event Description:
We are producing a promotional video which will be set as an interview or talk show. We are seeking a posed female talent who desires to one day be a talk show host of TV personality. We will provide training for on-camera presence and voice over training. Talent will need to take care of their own look. This presentation is designed to help a technical subject be more relatable on camera by providing a host who is the opposite in personality and character to the technical subject. Talent should be outgoing, bright, talkative and willing to do a little homework to sound competent on-camera.

Date: January 18, 2020 Tentatively
Location: TBA
Pay: Video for talent reel, recommendation, possibility to do similar paid work in the future, training for on-camera presence and voiceover training
Set: Talk show style
Purpose: Draw out technical knowledge in an accessible manner from a technical person
Talent: Young, Posed, Female, Talkative, Bright, Technically Inclined, Coachable
Company: ENLIVE tv Services, Inc. – Production and IPTV company – Supporting a technology company


Terrence A Lovett



Event Expiration Date: 2020-01-17

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