Various Crew Positions for Independent Film

Various Crew Positions for Independent Film

Canopy is a team of local filmmakers and designers who are embarking on a long-term film project. The project could be described a series of arthouse magical-realism short stories. Most of our key positions on the team are being filled by those already within our collective and those who we’ve worked with over our decade of making personal and commercial projects. However, we’re hoping to find talented and eager individuals to fill various roles on shoots and to help during pre-production. We have a small budget for each episode we’ll be shooting, so these positions will be low wage, but paid nonetheless, and we always take care of our crews in terms of food and other expenses when working. This is an opportunity to help out on a unique and interesting fictional film production locally, learn a bit about how our particular crew likes to operate on a set, and to take home a little cash in the process. Specific roles may include: Second Assistant Camera, Audio, Grip and Lighting Tech, and general Production Assistant work. In addition to these roles on set, we’re also looking for a Colorado native who has strong skills as a Producer and/or Assistant Director to help our team during pre-production with an assortment of things like location scouting, casting, and other logistic/ administrative tasks. Overall, we’re looking for people who wouldn’t just view this project as an occasional job, but something to be passionate about and to learn and grow from.

Holden Boyles


Event Expiration Date: 2019-09-20

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