Various Film Crew Positions “The Report”

Various Film Crew Positions “The Report”

This project centers around a screenplay written by myself. As of right now I plan to produce a film that will be approximately 20-30 minutes in length. The first draft is completed, with two more revisions planned for the end of July and August. I am a first-time screenwriter, director and producer but I have access to the equipment, software among other tools necessary to produce a semi-professional film. While both the screenplay and film are short in duration, it is more important to me to make an extremely well-done film than have a poorly made feature-length one. With that said, I plan on submitting the final product to several film festivals all over Colorado. I have set a time frame that can be both flexible and realistic depending on the schedule of the cast and crew.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Project Title: “The Report” (Short Film)

Erica, a young and cocky intern at a major local news press located in Denver, Colorado, finally gets the opportunity of a lifetime to get her dream job as a full-time journalist. Erica’s boss, Bill, believes that Erica is holding herself back and that is why he feels that it is necessary for her to compete with another remaining intern, Ken, for the one and only permanent position. By accident, Erica discovers a mysterious black book containing a secret code spanning hundreds of lines. Could this puzzle be a key to a “job-winning” article, or, will the book reveal a secrets far beyond her own comprehension?

June 30th: Second Draft, Casting Call
July 8th-14th: Auditions
July 21st: Cast selection
July 30th: Final Draft
August 4th: Storyboard walkthrough
August 11th: Script Breakdown
August 18th: Script readthrough/rehearsal
August 25th: Shot list
August 30th: Shooting schedule
September 8th-September 22nd: Filming timeframe – This time frame is tentative, if it takes longer than two weeks I have no problem with extending as well as vice versa. Also, to try and accommodate everyone’s schedule I feel that shooting on Saturdays and Sundays might work the best. If this is not the case, we can go over the shooting schedule before the due date.
October: Editing and Cutting
December 1st: First showing to family and friends to get feedback as to what they liked and didn’t like.
January: Final touches
February: Trailer release
I do not intend on releasing the video prior to any film festivals. I would like for the final product to be first viewed at least one film festival before I release it on the internet.

I have already closed up submissions for casting so I am only posting crew member positions.

Assistant Director
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
1st Assistant Camera
Boom Operator/Sound Recordist
Production Assistants
Hair & Makeup

My budget is fairly limited so any students needing any production and filming experience are more than welcome! I will supply the majority of the equipment, I just need knowledgeable and dedicated people to help me create this film. Plus I will bring food for every time we film! If you are interested please let me know soon as production has moved along rather quickly.

About me
I am a recent college graduate with a degree in biology. I plan on applying to medical school hopefully by next year. I fell in love with filmmaking and cinematography after I had to make a video for a class that I had before I graduated. Since then I’ve taught myself how to use a variety of software such as adobe Photoshop, illustrator, after effects and premier pro. I still have a long way to do in terms of the various aspects of film making, but I am very passionate about doing this project and future ones. While I do mean when I say that I want to make a serious and well-made film I also want to have fun. I think it’s a great opportunity for myself and others to meet new people through this form of art. Overall, the journey is what excites me to work with the many talented artists out there.

Irvin Ferrer


Event Expiration Date: 2018-09-01

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