Video Production Intern Convercent

Video Production Intern Convercent

Convercent is currently looking for a video production and editing intern for Spring 2018.

Responsibilities Include:
• Content Strategizing + Creation
• Video storyboarding, filming and editing
• Animation — if possible
• Assisting in video and email marketing campaigns
• Editing of new and current video projects
• Incorporating branded content and production in line with brands direction
• Participation in overall projects for multiple clients
• Eagerness to learn about the client’s digital strategies and video’s engagement

This position is remote, or at in our office downtown off Blake. It is flexible with schedule due to the nature of a student’s busy life. If you’re interested in digital marketing and strategy and would like to learn how to successfully implement real-client digital marketing campaigns with creative flexibility – this internship is for you.

The ideal candidate for the position is a Junior or Senior with technical expertise as well as experience in strategic planning and implementation of projects. The intern is expected to be organized and detail-oriented with effective interpersonal communication skills and project management experience. Ideally this role is for a creative problem solver, collaborative worker, and someone with strong communication skills. This person will excel in an environment that values creativity, flexibility and variety. Ideal personality traits are open-mindedness, enthusiasm and adaptability. Get ready to be challenged, thrive in a fast-paced world with constant new ideas, future focus and a sometimes non-structured environment.

Contact: julianne.harmon<at>convercent.com

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