Videographer for Health Practice

Videographer for Health Practice

Name: Viktor Beall

Email: team@pmccdenver.com

Event Type: Paid Job

Event Title: Flexible Side-gig Videographer for Health Practice

Event Description:
This is an easy and laidback videographer / video editor side-gig that’s flexible and especially good for college/university/film students.

I need someone to come to a health practice, (the exact time and day we will decide together what works in our schedules), and spend about 2-4 hours per week recording, uploading, and possibly editing video content of the doctor/medical director.

These are educational videos for the public.

-Your duties will involve:

-Arriving promptly at our agreed upon time (we’re flexible but it’ll likely be Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 8a to 5pm).
-Setting up any equipment or recording environment.
-Help guide, assist, and direct the recording process.
-Work with the marketing consultant to optimize video results.
-Reply to the marketing consultant’s emails/messages promptly.
-Possibly edit the content and piece it together.
-Learn and educate yourself on a video software tool of your choice (Adobe Premiere, Filmora, Hitfilm, Movavi, Pinnacle Studio, etc…
-Assemble/compile/record (as best as possible) a professional quality video.
-Be timely with deliverables.
-If all else fails, setup and manage Berrycast webcam/desktop recording.
-Assist the doctor with cue cards, directing, contents, feedback, or any other recording support that  he needs.
-Be patient and flexible, the optimal process won’t be known on the first day, it might take a few sessions to get it down.
-Be a team player. You’re a Coloradan, nothing less is expected.

Requirements: Not a requirement, but a huge plus if you have any professional recording equipment to make this process easier. At the moment, we don’t have a professional video camera but may get one. If you think your cell phone will work OK, that’s fine, but it’s on you regarding the quality. Right now an HD web cam collects video, a lavalier microphone collects audio and it works OK, but it’s limited in terms of professional quality.
-Be on time/timely.

Pay – $11.50 to $15/hour DOE + some travel costs if relevant.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures:
Masks are required at all times at our location. Alcohol gel and other preventative measures are available and encouraged.

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