Videographer Wanted for Online Workshop Production

Videographer Wanted for Online Workshop Production


I am a feng shui consultant and owner of Thriving Spaces Feng Shui. I help people to create positive energy and balance in their homes and businesses and teach feng shui principles and practices through workshops. For the past four years I have been offering a Vision Board workshop where we use the principles of feng shui to organize the Vision Boards. I’d like to turn this live workshop into an online workshop using video from my live workshops and additional video that I create (or is created with your help!) from my home office. I have two workshops coming up in January in Lowry where live video can be captured to be used to create the course. They are Saturday, 1/5/19 at the Schlessman Library and Sunday 1/13/19 at Lowry Print & Ship. Each workshop is three hours. I’m honestly not sure what creating an online course entails but I would like to have some professional video of the live workshops to interject into the other teaching modules. I’m looking for someone to videotape/film me during one of the live workshops, and help me video some of the modules in my home office. I’m not sure of the time commitment to the overall project, but I’m guessing between 10 – 15 hours (which includes one of the three-hour workshops.) I have an additional workshop planned for January 19th at the Parker library if the above dates don’t work out. I’m not sure of all the skill sets I need — I think it’s probably best to just talk if anyone is interested!


Lorrie Webb Grillo


Event Expiration Date: 2019-01-31

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