Videographer/Editor Position for Online Course

Videographer/Editor Position for Online Course

I am creating an online course about Healing From the Loss of a Parent When You Were a Child.

I am looking for a young person, interested in film, to help me in the following ways:
1) teach me what I need to know to make my videos using my cell phone, (I already know the basics I think)
2) using promtsmart (or a different teleprompter),
3) and make the lighting nice so it looks good
Likely I will need help in editing as I do not want to learn to do that.
I will have a few people I need to interview and would like for you to do the filming of the interview and then editing.
More is possible.

Pay: $20 per hour.

My website isĀ www.drelvaedwards.com

Please respond by emailing me your name, age, experience, and why you would like to do this project. (elva<at>ecentral.com)
Thank you!

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