Visual Effects Needed for Steampunk Short

Visual Effects Needed for Steampunk Short

This Winter my company Steam World Studios, filmed a 5 minute short film in Old Tucson Studios in Tucson Arizona featuring several of the main cast of the TV show Steampunked. There is a short two minute segment that needs to have some lasers and a few explosions added. This is a comedic gunfight scene for a very funny short promo. This will be used for promoting Wild Wild West Conventions there every year, as well as for the Old Tucson promotion. The actors used in this short are very popular in the Steampunk communities and this short is likely to become widely noticed and recognized as one of the best Steampunk short films ever made. We are looking for someone who would complete these visual effects for a low fee. None of us are making any money with it except for promotional uses. Your effects and credit would be seen by many industry professionals. 

Additionally you may be interested in a funded and well paid position working on our feature film, Deadageddon, which we are shooting later this summer here in Denver. Helping to complete the Showdown At Tucson will guarantee you a paid position and work on this theater release project.

Please contact Craig Bowers at cabers<at>gmail.com or phone 720-398-1560 if interested.

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