Web Series Cast & Crew Positions

Web Series Cast & Crew Positions

I’m seeking a small crew (with access to camera, sound, small lighting kit)….and actors for a comedy web series.

Actors needed:

BENJI – 16 (I’ll cast an actor that is 18 – early 20’s, that can “look” 16.) Jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, similar to Jason Segel. He’s gay but not your typical gay kid. He’s confident and the Saturday Night Live type.

VIVIAN – 50’s. Benji’s mom. Catherine O’Hara type.

WALTER – 50’s. Benji’s dad. Blue collar worker. Midwest. Tim Allen type.

KENNEDY – female, 17 (can be 18-early 20’s, that can “look” 17.) Down to earth Midwest girl, Kristin Wigg type.

NICK – 18. Midwest kid. Senior in high school Good comedic timing, positive, upbeat. Classmates and friends with Benji and Kennedy.

MRS. RIVERS – 50’s, high school counselor. Midwestern, intelligent. One scene.

MR. SPARKS – early 40’s, handsome, teacher, creative.

Shoot dates: tbd. Shoots will take place on the weekend.

More details about the project will be given if you are selected for an audition.

If you are interested, please e-mail a headshot and resume to: coshowcasting<at>gmail.com You will then be sent the sides to do a self-taped audition.

If you are crew, please e-mail your resume to: coshowcasting<at>gmail.com and mention what position you are interested in and if you own/have access to equipment.





Event Expiration Date: 2019-05-15

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