Workout/Cooking Show Videographer/Editor

Workout/Cooking Show Videographer/Editor

I am looking for someone to film my workouts and cooking show. I would also like someone to edit the footage for me. We typically film without cuts. I would like 2 cameras to capture different views. I would like to use a wireless headset mic and we would need a mixer board for the music and voice to come together. You can learn more about our program at www.faithfulworkouts.com
Our show does air on the NRB station on Directv and roku and other networks so I need high quality video and Audio equipment. I am flexible as to why and where we would film.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures:
We would use social distancing but we won’t be wearing a mask but the film crew could.

Contact: Michelle Spadafora

Email: michelle@faithfulworkouts.com

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