World Film Fair

World Film Fair

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Final Deadline: August 20th
WFF is a week long event where filmmakers and scriptwriters can meet with and show their work to companies from all areas of the film industry. There will be production companies, distributors and investors in attendance, all looking for films and projects to finance, help produce or distribute.
We would like to recommend your work for screening and to also be nominated for awards at the WFF. Here are the various packages available to enter your work into the WFF:
  • Standard Entry fee: US $50 for the First deadline – until the End of January.
  • Promotion of your work to the Buyers, Distributors and Investors. Cost US $350.
  • Description: A 10 minute presentation about your film ( or script) will be made to Buyers, Distributors and Investors in 3 sectors of the Fair.
  • Screening of the trailer of your film at the WFF with the Distribution offer and Promotion. Cost US $10 for 1 screening. Maximum of 500 screenings during the Fair.
  • Guaranteed screening of your film at the World Film Fair. The cost of guaranteed screening for films with a duration less than 30 minutes is US $300, for films that are 30 minutes to an hour US $600, films over 1 hour and 30 minutes US $900. For films with a longer duration please contact WFF directly.


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