Zinetxiki Film Festival – Call for Entries

Zinetxiki Film Festival – Call for Entries

The call for entries of Zinetxiki – International Film Festival for Children and Youth is open. You are welcome to submit your work in the following categories:

  • Shorts in four categories:
    • Shorts + 2 years (until 35 min)
    • Shorts + 5 years (until 35 min)
    • Shorts + 7 years (until 35 min)
    • Shorts directed towards young people and teenagers (until 35 min)
  • Art and cinema schools works and first works (shorts and full-lengh films)
  • New directors with no age limit (shorts and full-lengh films directed towards young audiences).
  • TV films, series and webseries directed towards young audiences.

Here is the link to submit your work.

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